Highly Scalable E-Commerce

An Amazon FBA business offers an exciting investment opportunity.

Ingenuity Cubed creates retail brands on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms. We have the proven systems to identify, source, and market winning products with minimum risk to investors: we target profitable niches where there’s little competition. Our team of experts generated over $30 million in revenue for clients by focusing on identifying a niche product opportunity, pricing it right for maximum profits, and creating innovative marketing strategies.

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Why this is the right opportunity for you

Unlimited Growth Potential

One of the primary reasons small online businesses fail is their inability to scale. With an Amazon FBA online business, proven Amazon marketing and fulfillment platforms solve this issue at a low cost enabled by their massive scale. When one product sales level off, we quickly add new products since the Amazon platform scales with ease.

Low Customer Acquisition Costs

Amazon has become the most popular e-commerce site in the world. Millions of people log in every day actively searching to purchase something they want. Tapping into this massive traffic allows us to keep customer acquisition costs to the absolute minimum and maximize the investment return.

Low Manufacturing Costs

With proven systems for sourcing products, organizing logistics, and quality assurance in the most profitable niches, we can find the highest quality products at the best price available. We apply our processes to maximize profits and the return on investment.

Ability to Expand to Other Channels

We are not locked into selling exclusively on Amazon’s marketplace. We use market intelligence from the Amazon FBA platform to offer successful products through other channels, including alternative e-commerce platforms, websites, social media, and even brick-and-mortar retail.